Shipping costs

Unless otherwise stated, the products listed in the terms of delivery and payments for all online orders apply to Maiwell online shop system. Special to the individual online shops you will find in each of the shipping terms listed separately.



Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is from stock to the delivery address specified by you. Any information about the delivery time is not binding. If the title is out of print, we will inform you immediately that the ordered product is not available.



You can pay for online shopping only in advance, PayPal or cash on delivery.

Locally (in stock) also credit card (American Express, MasterCard and VISA) and direct debit is accepted.


Shipping on orders

We calculate the best under the circumstances Shipping / postage costs. Usually the shipping is calculated by weight and shipping method. Since all items are packaged and weighed calculated, the costs incurred will be listed first on the bill.

The shipping cost for items over 100,00 kg and for larger orders, please contact by phone so we can make the best possible deal for us: (+49) 441-935 12 98

The tiered pricing for shipping are:


to 5 kg 4,90 €
to 10 kg 6,50 €
to 20 kg 7,50 €
to 31.5 kg 8,50 €

Cash on delivery € 4.30 plus the price of the package plus € 2, shipper's fee.

up to 100 kg € 60.00
up to 200 kg € 70.00
up to 300 kg € 90.00
up to 400 kg € 110.00
up to 500 kg € 130.00
up to 600 kg € 150.00
up to 700 kg € 170.00
up to 800 kg € 190.00
up to 900 kg € 210.00
€ 230.00 up to 1000 kg
€ 250.00 up to 1250 kg

€ 270.00 up to 1500 kg
€ 310.00 up to 2000 kg

Europe DHL package (Zone 1: Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland)

to 5 kg 10,50 €
to 10 kg 12,50 €
to 15 kg 14,50 €
to 20 kg 16,50 €
up to 25 kg € 18.50
to 31.5 kg 20,50 €
from 31.5 kg by shipping

Europe DHL package (zone 2: France, UK, Italy)

to 5 kg 14,50 €
to 10 kg 16,50 €
up to 15 kg € 18.50
to 20 kg 20,50 €
up to 25 kg € 22.50
to 31.5 kg € 24.50
from 31.5 kg by shipping

Europe DHL package (zone 3: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Spain)

up to 5 kg € 15.50
up to 10 kg € 17.50
to 15 kg 19,50 €
to 20 kg 21,50 €
up to 25 kg € 23.50
to 31.5 kg € 25.25
from 31.5 kg by shipping

Europe DHL package (zone 4: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary.)

to 5 kg 16,50 €
up to 10 kg € 18.50
to 15 kg 20,50 €
up to 20 kg € 22.50
up to 25 kg € 24.50
to 31.5 kg 26,50 €
from 31.5 kg by shipping

Warning on furniture and bulky deviations may arise which we unfortunately have no influence, should something arise with your order we will contact you.

For deliveries outside of Germany will require other delivery costs, which we unfortunately can not influence.

Return Policy

Within 14 days after receiving the goods the order without giving any reasons you may be revoked.
The revocation must be in writing, by email, fax, letter or by returning the goods within this period to comply with the deadline. After withdrawal of the contract, the goods must be returned in good condition to the store owner of company Maiwell. Payments already made will be refunded to your bank transfer. For this purpose we need the details of your bank account. The return shipping charges for orders over 40, - € borne by the shop owner. The return shipping charges for orders less than 40, - € to the buyer / purchaser to be imposed.
Please note that items are labeled and printed as individual productions and not fall under the general return or withdrawal. Please inform us beforehand by email:

Address for returns:
Company Maiwell
Hochheiderweg 75
26123 Oldenburg


Products and prices

After individual pages to make changes to products and services may have been made. Design, form, color and specification changes in the scope of delivery or service by the manufacturer during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of Maiwell are reasonable for the customer. The illustrations may also contain accessories, special equipment or other items that do not belong to the standard scope of delivery or service. Color variations are subject to typography. Individual pages can also contain models and services that are not available in certain countries. Information on statutory, legal and tax regulations and effects are only valid for the Federal Republic of Germany. Unless otherwise specified in the sales or supply valid on the day of delivery apply. For our party, the prices are recommended retail prices. Ask for final pricing, an office or a business partner.



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The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.